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North Winneshiek Community School

North Winneshiek Community School

North Winneshiek is in the center of a rich and beautiful countryside, three miles from Burr Oak, Iowa. Here is where you will find a museum in one of the Laura Ingalls Wilder's homes in The Little House on the Prairie. The school is on a crossroads of County Highway W37 and 350th. St., surrounded by corn fields and the beautiful rolling hills...Not all of Iowa is flat!

North Winneshiek is located eight miles North of Decorah, Iowa on Winneshiek County W34 and the intersection of 350th. Street.

One of the first tasks for the early settlers was to establish country schoolhouses. In addition to learning the basics, four generations learned rural values such as hard work, honesty and love for the land. After a century of service, the state legislature decreed that all Iowa School districts must offer kindergarten through high school programs. In the late 1960's, the one-room schools across the state were being closed, and there was a need for expanded facilities in which to offer quality education for generations to come.

Citizens of Northern Winneshiek County, not wanting to sacrifice the values of a "country education," created the North Winneshiek Community School District. The Board of Directors hired Gordon Christianson as the Superintendent. Mr. Christianson and the Board of Directors oversaw the building on the centrally located site, hired the teachers and staff, and managed the tasks of starting the new district.

They are now educating their third generation of students at North Winn, and they are constantly striving for quality education as they reinvent the country school. In a cooperative agreement with the Decorah Community School District, beginning in 2001, high school students attend the Decorah High School. And in a similar agreement with the Mabel/Canton School District, some high school students attend the Mabel High School.