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About Garnavillo

Garnavillo is located on the southeast corner of an area known as the Garnavillo Prairie.  It has been compared to the richest farm ground in Iowa and the country.  The town has been dubbed "The Gem of the Prairie" because of the aforementioned richness of its soil.
Garnavillo has become a community of mixed nationalities:  English, German, Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian and Hispanics.  It has evolved as one unified citizenry.  This town has long been known for its welcoming attitude and work ethic. Garnavillo is proud of its united civic support that has allowed this little community to thrive. Garnavillo has carried the name Garnavillo for over 140 years.  Its name is composed of two Latin words, "Garna" which means embellished, decorated, showy, and beautiful; and "Villa",meaning village. Hopefully we and future generations will keep and conduct the community in a manner so as to be deserving of the implications of our name.
We are the home of Long Lasting Farm Equipment (Double L), Guttenberg Industries (Injection Molding), Garnavillo Mill, Inc. (Feed Manufacturing), The Garnavillo Savings Bank (founded in 1904), and many others.  Garnavillo is a community that is proud of its past and welcomes the future and its possibilities. Garnavillo's mission is "To create a safe and pleasant atmosphere that promotes great family life and encourages the business community to grow their expertise.

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