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About Elgin

Elgin is a picturesque community of approximately 700 residents in the northeastern part of Iowa. It is located between the Turkey River and Otter Creek in eastern
Fayette County what is known as "Shinbone Valley." Elgin's 2000 population was 676 residents, but we are growing! New housing is being built in several parts of town
and we are proud of the quality of life in our corner of Fayette County. Elgin is close to the communities of Clermont, West Union, Elkader, Wadena, Gunder and
Postville. The Valley School district includes Wadena, Elgin and Clermont and is located about 2 miles from Elgin on Highway W51.
Elgin lies in the rolling hill country and much of the surrounding area is heavily wooded. A number of residents of larger Iowa towns have weekend and vacation homes in
the area. The charm of the community and the excellent business services available make it a great place to relax and enjoy the country.
"Elgin is at the midpoint of an IOWA GREAT PLACE, the TURKEY RIVER RECREATIONAL CORRIDOR.  This volunteer organization is comprised of interested
representatives from three communities along the Turkey River, Clermont, Elgin and Elkader, and representatives of the two counties in the CORRIDOR, Fayette and
Clayton.  Their goal is the development of the recreational and tourism potential afforded by this scenic area, known as the"Drift less Area of Iowa".  It is so named
because the last of the glaciers which passed thru the area did not pass over northeast Iowa, and left the scenic high hills over looking river and creek valleys intact."

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Elgin, IA
701 Mill Ave, Elgin, IA
Type: Residential
Elgin, IA
808 Franklin St, Elgin, IA
Type: Residential
Elgin, IA
249 Center St, Elgin, IA
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